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A company’s structure is composed of several layers and often there are problems between groups or individuals for various reasons, work related or otherwise.

Work Permit

Work Permit New

This form should be completed by the employer or the prospective employer in block capitals or typescript and in duplicate, who is applying for: 1) The employment of non-citizen worker, whether temporary or permanent; 2) The renewal of a Work Permit for a non-citizen worker; 3) A change of employer by a non-citizen worker; 4) A propose change in employment status of a non-citizen worker; Download the Work Permit Check List
Work Permit Application

Work Permit Application

One copy of the completed form should be be lodged with the Commissioner of Labour or the nearest District Labour Officer, together with:
  • 1) The appropriate fee and tax
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • The original, or certified copies of the trade or professional qualifications
  • A copy of the written contract of service
  • Click here to download the Application Form
    Severance Pay

    Severance Pay

    For an employee to be eligible for a severance payment she must have been in continuous employment with the employer for 12 months, and her contract must come to an end in one of the following ways: Read More There is no obligation to pay severance allowance if the employee is terminated for serious misconduct(section 55(2)).There is also no obligation to pay severance allowance to employees who are recruited from outside of Vanuatu and are not ordinarily resident in Vanuatu (section 55(1)). T

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    Employer and Employees Documents

    The 2009-2012 ILO Decent Work Country Programme for Vanuatu was formulated together with the tripartite constituents and fully and comprehensively reflects their priorities. The specific concerns of each of the tripartite partners were voiced in separate meetings with the tripartite partners. Four overall priorities were agreed on in the tripartite meeting, held subsequent to the individual meetings. A draft of this DWCP was then sent to the constituents which were given the opportunity to comment on the draft. 

    The four priorities of this DWCP reflect the constituents’ needs at the present time, while also responding to Vanuatu’s social and economic needs, corresponding with strategies and activities spelled out in the Pacific Plan, the UNDAF and the PAA, and ILO’s past initiatives as well as comparative advantage against other development partners. ILO will concentrate on the following four country programme priorities in Vanuatu within the overarching theme of “decent work for all men and women”:

    • Priority 1. Labour legislation reform and application of International Labour Standards;
    • Priority 2. Promotion of decent employment opportunities, particularly for young women and men, and inclusive of persons with disabilities;
    • Priority 3. Capacity building of tripartite partners and improvement of social dialogue;
    • Priority 4. Increasing social protection.