The Department of Labor has procedures in place to help you out with your employment needs.

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Our Procedures

  • How the Department deals with daily complains
  • Step 1: Pick a complaint form at reception in the office or downloaded it from the Department’s website
  • Step 2:Fill up the form and drop it at the front desk for registration
  • Step 3:Fill up the form and drop it at the front desk for registration
  • Step 4:The officer writes a formal letter to the employer with the date of the meeting(summon)
  • Step 5:If the employer responded positively i.e. the employee and employer solve the issue with the help of Labour officer (Promote settlements outside court system)
  • Step 6:In some cases, the employer prefers to take other alternatives to settle the issue i.e. court system.
  • Step 7:It takes time before the issue will be solved, so just be patient with these formal procedures
  • Step 8:If no solution is reached between employer and employee, conciliation and arbitration can be applied under the Trade Dispute Act.
  • Step 9:The bottom line is the department will promote settlements outside of court system for the common good of both parties.
  • Step 10:More information and explanation consult labour office.
  • How to obtain a work permit from Labour office
  • Step 1:Collect the work permit form at the Labour office
  • Step 2:Fill up the form and drop it in the office with application fee (VT 10,000 Exemption, VT40, 000 Temporary and VT210, 000 permanent work permit)
  • Step 3:The application form is then sent to ESV (Employment Service Vanuatu) office to check if there’s any Ni-Van eligible for the job the foreigner will be occupy in the country.
  • Step 4:If one or some potential Ni-Vanuatu specialized in the same field, the Labour office will recommend that the employer will interview those potential candidates for the vacant post
  • Step 5:If still no Ni-Vanuatu eligible to occupy the post, then foreign employee will be the next possible option
  • Step 6:After the application check for any eligible Ni-Vanuatu at the ESV the labour officer do the final checking before sent it over to commissioner for approval
  • Step 7:Once the commissioner approves it, the foreign work can travel now to work in Vanuatu
  • Step 8:It takes a week to finally receive your work permit
  • Step 9:OR once the foreign worker receives his/her work permit approval, he/she will change her residential status if needed to do so to comply with the boarder laws.
  • Step 10:More information and explanation consult labour office
  • On job injury cases
  • Step 1:We have three different cases namely minor injury, serious injury and fatal injury
  • Minor injury
  • Step 2:If you have any injury, whether minor or serious report to the management or employer
  • Step 3:Also follow the injury flow chart of the company, if the company has standard procedures to address injuries in the work place
  • Step 4:The Employer must report to Labour office any accident in the job premises
  • Serious injury
  • Step 5:Report to management or employer
  • Step 6:It’s the responsibilities of the employer to take care of the medical bills of patient till recovery
  • Step 7:If the injury is too serious, the Doctor has to provide certain percentages of the injury for compensation purposes.
  • Step 8:The Employer must report to Labour office any accident in the job premises
  • Step 9:Fatal injury In case of dead, the employer has to pay a lump sum of VT8, 640,000 to the
  • employee’s family