Employment Services Unit

The main purpose of setting up Employment Service Unit is to provide opportunities for work for the people of Vanuatu and create opportunities for them and their families. The Employment Service Unit (ESU) was established in the Vanuatu Department of Labour (DoL) within the Ministry of Internal Affairs since 2006 to manage the Labour moblitiy programmes which includes the Recognized Seasonal Employers (RSE, New Zealand) and Seasonal Workers Program (SWP, Australia).

Vanuatu has developed a strong reputation in relation to Labour Mobility in the Pacific. It is the largest provider of seasonal workers to New Zealand, and the second largest to Australia which is a result of the visionaries of the incumbent Labour Commissioner with the support of the hard working ESU Staff. ESU acts as a regulator for the Seasonal Employment Act No 23 of 2007.  

After the cyclone Pam in March 2015, the Employment Service Centre (ESV) was created within ESU after the recommendations of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) report with the assistance of ILO.The first phase involved ESV’s registration of those who lost their jobs due to cyclone Pam and the youths who are unemployed. ESV had placed some of those registered at the 1st phase to jobs within Vanuatu and abroad specifically to SWP (Tourism Sector). ESV has now lodged the second phase of its program where it has opened up registration for retired professionals. There is the intention to create a work ready pool of retirees to enable stakeholders such as NGO’s needing consultants, advisers, etc.. to source potential people from it.