A message from the Vanuatu Labour Commissioner for workers in Australia

Commissioner of Labour, Dpt Labour Vanuatu, Murielle Metsan Meltenoven expressing her gratitude to all seasonal workers for their hard work and commitment. Commissioner is also encouraging Ni-Vanuatu workers not to leave their employment to abscond. Workers are not protected if they run away from their employer. If you as a worker face any issues linked to your employer, work place, or living environment; please contact Pacific Labour Facility (free call 1800 51 51 31) to discuss. Working together to resolve these issues is a better solution, rather than absconding.

Notice: To all Employers and Business Houses In Vanuatu

New Directive on the Managment of Employment during this COVID19 Period

Employment of Unvaccinated employees;

Its has come to the attention of our office that some employers are planning to terminate the Employment of their employees on the basis that these employees are not vaccinated

As a result, the Department of Labour whishes to bring this Directive to the attention of all employees working in our domestic market

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Message from the commissioner

Message from the commissioner

  • It's licensing time!
  • On behalf of the Vanuatu Government we would like to thank all active agents and approved employers who have recruited Ni-Vanuatu citizens to undertake seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand.
  • It's now December and time for agents and prospective agents toapply for licences to recruit under the two labour mobility programmes, namely the Recognized Seasonal Employers (RSE) in New Zealand and the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) in Australia. An information package for new and renewing agents outlining the expectations of agents is also attached.
  • This year we are also requiring direct recruiters (approved employers from Australia and New Zealand) to formally register for a Permit  to recruit seasonal workers.
  • Other changes include the following:
  • - there is a new application form
  • - the declarations have been strengthened primarily to ensure that all applicants are very aware that neither they nor any sub-agents (consultants, team leaders etc) may charge workers for the opportunity to work overseas on seasonal programs.
  • - all recruiters - agents and permit-holders must sign a Code of Conduct and ensure that workers have signed a Workers' Code of Conduct before leaving Vanuatu (we also have an English version available)
  • - we have included information about the Department of Labour's disciplinary policy.
  • I would like all applicants to carefully consider whether they meet the Vanuatu government's requirements of agents before applying for a licence. 
  • Agent applications must be complete and received by the Department of Labour by 31 December 2019. Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted and considered.
  • Permit holders may also be required to reapply by 16 December but will be transitioned over 2020 to a regular December deadline.